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Souza Lobo

Perfecting The Art of Culinary


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A few words about us

Souza Lobo has a long history in the area of being one of the finest culinary institutions in Goa. Why do people keep coming here? First of course, it’s the food. It has to be. The variety and quality is something we do not compromise on. Neither will we compromise on the authentic traditional Goan food that we serve.  We give the same loving attention to our Indian, Continental and Chinese cuisine. Our core offering is Goan, meats and seafood, delicious desserts too. If it’s Sunday it’s Sanna day a great accompaniment for sorpotel. 

We don’t do much marketing of our restaurant. We don’t need too, because local Goans are our best advertisement. They flock here especially on weekends and wait patiently in the waiting area for tables to get free.  

The queues for tables strangely enough don’t annoy our hungry guests; the wait only whets their appetite they say. Also our service is quick and our capacity large. We can seat 300 guests in the restaurant and on the beach. 

We don’t take our popularity for granted, we work at improving our meals and service every day, jealously guarding the Souza Lobo recipes that have come down through the generations. 

We don’t take praise for granted either, but we are only human and it gives us a warm glow when our foreign guests sigh and say, “Best meal ever!”,when our Indian guests from elsewhere in the country urge us to open Souza Lobo restaurants in their states. And we love it best of all when our own Goan guests say,  “Tujem jevonn sarkem ghorant randlea  bhaxen.” It means your food is exactly like home cooking. This is no mean compliment because in the Goan ethos, cooking is akin to religion, we take our food very, very seriously .